Monday, October 10, 2011


Okay, so you may not need/care to know these things, but I'm gunna share them anyways! Just a little bit about us and all that jazz. Well, Alex and I met last September living in the same apartment complex. He came over to my apartment one night because my roommate had made cinnamon rolls (which I found out later are his favorite) and we talked all night. We realized we had almost everything in common--it was creepy! So he took me on our first date with his ENTIRE family to go boating. I was terrified! Who does that?! Ha! He had to work for quite some time, but it all paid off in the end. :) I guess our first date didn't intimidate me too much though and he fought hard, because here we are over a year later and happier than ever! 

Married life has been grand. Is there really anything better than being with your best friend all the time and knowing that you get to be with them FOREVER! I don't think so. I just love marriage! Think about it...

  • You get to go to bed and wake up to your best friend every day
  • You have a constant errand run buddy
  • You never have to drive
  • Your door is always opened
  • You get told you look beautiful every day (even when you know you don't) 
  • You have someone to kiss whenever you want
  • You have someone to help you clean up and do the dishes
  • You take turns making dinner (we'll see how long it lasts ;) )  and...
  • You have someone to look at and think HE'S MINE!!!

The list goes on and on. Life couldn't get any better. So we are soaking it in day by day. School is crazy, work is a drag, but being together is the best! I'm so grateful to have Alex in my life and I don't know what I would do without him! Our cute family and friends are so much fun and such a great support. So thank you to all of them for all they do for us! We wouldn't be here without you. :)

I don't really get the whole blogging thing yet...but I figure that's good enough for just a little bit about us!


  1. It will be fun to follow this blog. We are excited to have Alex in the family.