Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun!

love Halloween!! The decorations, the spookiness, the movies, the colors, the pumpkins, everything! I feel like we did so many fun things this holiday, so this may be a very long blog! Well first off, all my cute decorations. :) Over conference weekend, I had a craft day at the Jacobs and here is what we made!

Then we did one of my favorite things! PuMpKiN CaRvInG!! We did it with one of my best friends Kaila and Braden. Sooo much fun!! Granted we definitely aren't as creative as a lot of people...but we had fun, so that's what matters!

Then Alex and I went to Haunted Hollow and Cornmaze for a date night. Super fun! Terrifying at parts...but that's the fun of Halloween! :) Right?!

 Then the four of us (me, Alex, Kaila, Braden) went to the pumpkin walk. SO great!! Some people have so much creativity it's insane...but good for them and it entertains people like me, so I loved it! Some of my favorites were Angry Birds and Despicable Me! Gotta love the pumpkin walk, thanks for going with us guys! You're great!

Then...finally...HALLOWEEN was here!! There wasn't really much of a question of what we should be for Halloween this year...it was obvious. If you know my husband, you know that he likes to think he is black and totally thug. Haha--although I won't lie, sometimes he can pull it off...but he is far from black! Definitely one of the many things I love about him though, 'cause sometimes I like to think I'm gangster too. ;) Only because I LOVE dancing to hip-hop and can't get enough of it...ever! So, what better thing to be than Salt & Pepper! Made sense to me! Alex was pepper because he thinks he's black and I was salt because I like to shake it!! :) Obviously we HAD to take pictures of us in our 'element' and I couldn't pick just one of the pictures to post...because I think they are all hilarious. Good times Halloween 2011. Good times.

Then to top off the night we went Trick or Treating!! Just to our friends houses, but it was still fun and we actually got some candy! Alex told me I couldn't eat any walking around because..."it is tradition to dump out your candy when you get home to see how much you got!" So we waiting until we got home and....

This was it! Ha!! Better then nothing though, eh?? All in all, it was a fabulous Halloween and such a fun month of holiday celebration. Can't wait to see what next year brings us. :) And I'm stoked about Thanksgiving and Christmas! It's all coming so fast, so YAY!!!

HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!!

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