Friday, December 9, 2011

Holidays, Birthdays, & More Holidays...CrAzY LiFe!!

My goodness, sorry it's been so long! A lot has happened lately and life has been kind of crazy, but I'm back! (for now ;) ) So...lets start with Thanksgiving. To start the holidays Alex and I decided to make "Thankful Turkeys." It was such a fun FHE activity and it was a great decor for our wall--especially considering I have nothing Thanksgivingish.

Then randomly one night we were snowed in but we still wanted to have a date night so....we built a fort!! Then we watched a movie in it and it was tons of fun! Random winter activities...gotta love 'em!

And then for Thanksgiving weekend we went down to St.George, to my sisters house. It was SO great! And so much fun to be there! Of course because I'm a flake and struggle at taking pictures lately, I took these two...and that was it! But yes, there we are in the cold in the middle of the night doing the best thing known to man during the Thanksgiving holiday.......Black Friday!!!! All the stores opened early this year though, so we started at 11 and got back around 3:30, verses getting up at 3:30 and not getting back until 8. As always we had to hit up our favorite store, Kholes! I'm pretty sure I could live there. I love it!! :) Thank you Whitney for showing us how long the line was! 'Cause really, it was pretty insane and then I at least got one picture of the girls who love to do this every year, my Mom and my sister. And you can't see him, because he was taking the picture, but my brother Kyle was there too...I was impressed! He was a great help! And it was fun to have all of us together. Can't wait for next year!!!

Then the best day of all was when it was Alex's Birthday!!! If you don't know me that well, then you don't understand my passion for birthdays......oh. my. goodness. No words can describe how much I LOVE birthdays. (I blame my parents.) Birthdays are like Christmas, but better, because it's just for you! Sigh, just thinking about it makes me thrilled for my own birthday!! Ha!

Well to start Alex's birthday I thought I was going to be the cutest little wife ever and especially it being our first married and celebrating a birthday, I wanted to make it extra special! So we decided to continue a tradition Alex has always had in his family, into our own family--breakfast in bed. Not too bad right?? Wrong!! It was a DISASTER!!! First off, the thing Alex requested were cinnamon rolls (oh and lets keep in mind that he had class at 7:30AM) so me, trying to make this the best birthday ever woke up at 5 O' CLOCK AM!!! Do you know how early that is?! Death. I had made the dough the night before and let it rise in the fridge, I pulled it out in the morning and rolled it all out, put everything on there to make it delish! (I wish I would have taken pictures of this whole event...but it was too traumatic! Hilarious now though.) Well....I rolled it all up, but them on the cookie sheet and left. I started getting ready so I would time to get everything ready and have time decorate our apartment before my own class.

Well...I'm sure you can guess where this story is going...all the sudden I started to smell burning. I opened my oven and saw A FIRE! Ahhhh!! I didn't even know what to do, I just knew I was going to die! Well, lucky for me, the fire died down on it own...thank goodness! (I realized if there really was a fire, I would be dead.) I took out the "cinnamon rolls" to find a pile of burnt bread on top and the sides still being complete dough! Yes, I know I can be a dumb blonde sometimes, so I realize that it was so stupid when I realized that I put the cinnamon rolls on cookie sheet the wrong way! Instead having top (where you can see the cinnamon rolled in the dough) on well...the top, I had it on the side! I put the side of the cinnamon roll on the top....hahahaha. Who does that?! Especially, because I LOVE baking and hardly ever ruin my baked goods... However, in my was SO early!!! The dough was trying to rise in the oven and cook, but was raising sideways...and some of it fell off into the oven and know...

So....I came into our bedroom half laughing and half crying because I was so mad/sad/frustrated that my dang breakfast didn't work out just because I couldn't put them on right way and looked at Alex and said "so....what do you want for breakfast....?" He looked at me confused and came into the kitchen; he burst out into laughter, which didn't help at that moment...which I must have shown because he was then sweet enough or just felt bad enough to still eat one. Poor guy! Good thing he's so nice! I know it probably tasted awful but he was so sweet about it...and I have decided that I am never making cinnamon rolls again! (Well...for awhile anyways.) Looking back on it, the whole thing was hilarious!!!  Just ya know, not at the moment. Ah man, good times, good times.

Well, the rest of the day was a success! I still decorated our apartment for him while he was in class and left random notes everywhere for him to find. Then when I got home from work we went and got a bunch of free stuff for his birthday. (There is a website shows you all these random places that will give you free stuff on your birthday.) It's legit too! Then we went to dinner, had a party, opened present, invited friends over, and ate cake! Even though, it was probably the worst birthday morning he has ever had, it will be quite a memory! And the rest of the day was so much fun, I just love birthdays!! And love Alex even more, so it was a fantastic day and I can't wait to celebrate many, many more with him--and hopefully I'll redeem my breakfast ability!

Sorry I couldn't rotate all the computer was being weird...but he got himself some slippers, a sweater for church, a shirt from Aero (we actually exchanged it for black) and a brown jacket--which I forgot to take a picture of. Oops! Oh and do you love our birthday hats?! Gotta love Dollar Tree. Ha! Then a delicious ending with homemade ice cream cake. Mmmmm. :) (and yes that was something that I made and DID turn out. :) ) Happy Birthday to Alex!


  1. Great blog post, I love your writing. You're the best wife and it was the best birthday ever

  2. What a fun experience! And thanks for posting the pictures from Black Friday. I forgot you had taken any.

  3. Awesome blogging WOMAN!
    Um. Question.
    So the earring frame that you made is awesome and I've been saving a frame for this purpose for FOREVER but I haven't found the right wire to go in it... is the stuff that you used have big enough holes so that you can slip the earring through without having to take off the back? Just wondering.
    Mmkay, well your blog is just super cute! Nice work!

    1. Thank you!! And no...also another mistake, ha. BUT you can get ones with bigger holes they come in all shapes and sizes! I'm just a firt-timer so I struggled. But yes you can get one that is a little larger to cut down or whatever and has bigger holes to fit your backs in. :)