Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holler to 2012!

Well hello there, I'm back! Time to fill ya in! Well first things first lets talk about Christmas!! I LOVE Christmas! By far one of my fav. holidays. But isn't it everybody's? Anywho, well first off, I stole my sister's stocking pattern and made some for us! Once I figured out the instructions (I struggle...) it was actually really easy! And I think they turned out lovely. :) And yes we made our TV stand a fireplace with tissue paper...ha. Love it! And it was the perfect thing to really get that "homey Christmas feeling." You know what I'm talkin' about.

To add a little more Christmas spirit into our home we got a little 6 1/2 foot prelit tree at Target for $30, SO nice. We stole some ornaments from my in-laws and got mine from my house to have it decorated all cutesy. :) Then I made Alex string lights around the walls....he was NOT please (mainly because he was tired that night), but they turned out great and he did a wonderful job. Thanks cute husband!!

 And of course I had a big craft day at the Jacobs [love it!] and we get the cutest stuff done! I definitely forgot to take pictures of them...but I'll have to take some soon and get them uploaded!

Then I had one of the most fun nights ever because I got to have our annual girls Christmas party at my house in Bountiful. :) So fun and I love these girls!! Such a great night! :)

Then of course we HAD to go to Temple's Christmas Tradish!! So gorgeous and so great, love the Salt Lake Temple and love it even more at Christmas time. :) 

Well, back to other business...Christmas was great! A little hectic and different being our first Christmas married and all, but it was good to be with so much family and I'm glad we were able to split it well enough that we could see everyone. We got lots of fun stuff--I think the Wii is our favorite right now...we've been playing with it ALL break. It will be sad when we have to go back to school...anyways, then to keep another tradition alive we all went snowboarding/skiing on Park City the day after Christmas with my family. So fun! Although there wasn't a ton of snow it was still enjoyable being with family and always fun to get back on the slopes. :)

In other random news, I made a craft earlier this week! I don't know about you, but my biggest weakness is earrings...I could buy almost every pair I see...I kind of have a problem, ha. But you see, the problem was that I feel like I forgot what earrings I actually had because it was SO crowded in my jewelry box. So the first thing to help eliminate my clutter was when my cute sister in law, Tara, got me a necklace holder for Christmas. I was thrilled!! I was putting all them on there and thought to myself more than once "I have this necklace?!" And the same thing happened when I went through my earrings...and bracelets...and I left my jewelry box for bracelets and rings and made myself an earring holder!!

You only need 3 items.
  • Backless Frame: DI, $1.00
  • Darice Mesh: Hobby Lobby, $0.63
  • Hot Glue Gun
First I went to the DI and got a frame: $1.00. Had my cute husband spray paint it...thanks love! Then bought this plastic mesh stuff that I found at Hobby Lobby (people that sew use it? I only know this because it's found in the sewing isles): $0.63. I should have bought the mesh sheet bigger and cut it down to the frame...but I didn't and had to hot glue card stock onto each was awful and made it way more complicated for don't do that!

So you just get your frame the right color and hot glue the Darice mesh to it. And well...that's it!! Then just put all your earrings in it...

...Then just pin or hot glue whatever ribbon you want to the back to the frame and hang it up!

And TAAA-DA!! You have a new earring holder! Seriously...SO so nice! Now I can actually see what earrings I own!

Besides that we are just trying to keep ourselves entertained in Logan, the middle of winter...during Christmas break when NO ONE is here. Ha. Seriously though. We've had some fun times though! Coco latte delishness, date nights, movie marathons, mario kart, peppermint popcorn, and making yummy breakfast together while finding strange shaped eggs...ha! Fun stuff! Well next time I write we'll probably be in school and I know that we are both not ready to start wish us luck!

Happy New Year. :) Wahoo 2012!


  1. I'm glad you tried the peppermint popcorn recipe! And that you enjoy the cocoa latte. Your earring holder turned out great! Thanks for the update. I should do one...

  2. What a first Christmas! Glad you both survived.

  3. So fun to read your update! Love you hear you're both enjoying life!

  4. We have the same tree! We're twinners. Although we had to pay $50 up here! What the heck!?

    So doing to earring thing. Mmhmm.