Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day and Another Birthday!

Yes, I know what you are all thinking. "It's been not only less than a month, but less than a week and she is writing again?! This is crazy!" And you're right. It is. But, I figured I should try to stay caught up because there was Valentines Day, then Presidents Day...then Spring Break, and so forth. So here I am!

First off, here's a little picture from our day. :)

Well, our Valentines Day was GREAT! Alex was working the night before and so I spent my free time working on his gift. Being broke, young, married, and in college didn't leave me a lot of options (ha!) so I decided to go the cheap way! I gave him a list of 12 date ideas for 12 months and a little coupon book full of fun! Oh and I'm going to take him to a Jazz game!

I also made him a card out of conversations hearts! I saw the idea on Pinterest and loved it. :) *Sidenote* My brother, Kyle, showed up at my apartment that night because he wanted help picking out a necklace for his cute girlfriend, so I went with him...which ended up being pointless because he just picked one out on his own while I looked at other jewelry! Haha. But it was fun to go with him! And then on our way back he said something like "so I saw the note you were writing for Alex...and I was thinking I could do the same thing for Chelsea?" So of course I said yes! Let's do it! And we both worked on them together, it was fun to spend time with him and watch him get creative/romantic. Ha. I didn't really help him at all with it and I felt like I was definitively seeing a new side to my brother!  Too funny.

Anyways, so then I got home from class around 4 and Alex had already been home for a couple hours...well I walked into this...

:) Isn't he the cutest?! I think so. I was so touched and love that romantic side of my husband! He gave me this beautiful bracelet and a cute kitchen timer, AND he was still taking me out that night! I felt like my gift seemed kind of lame after the cute set up he had for me...but he still liked it so that's what counts!

So, we made sour cream chicken for dinner (thank you Whitney for the recipe!) And it was DELISH!! Then we went to The Slipper and The Rose at the Ellen Eccles Theater here in Logan. It was fun to get a little dressed up to go out and see a play! After the play finished we headed over the Cold Stone for our last stop and got some yummy ice cream. It was a super fun Valentine's Day and I'm so blessed to have the best valentine in the world for the rest of my life!

Well with other business, we had another birthday in our house! Our baby Karl turned 1! Oh my word. His "party" was hilarious. Probably way more funny to us than to anyone else...mainly because we are just ridiculous. But it was fun anyways! I don't think I really have to explain much. So I'm just going to post some pictures.

And yes, we both told him what we love about him, got him a toy car and he blew out a fake candle. I'm pretty sure he loved it. ;) Bahaha. Although Alex had the "oh my gosh, this is ridiculous" look the whole time....Good times. Good times.


  1. Why didn't you post a picture of your bracelet? Maybe i'll see it this weekend. Loved the letter idea. May be using that one next year. And also loved the party pictures. How fun for Karl! He's so loved and spoiled.

    1. Alex asked me the same thing...I should post a picture of it huh? Haha. But you'll see it this weekend!

  2. Hahaha!!! You guys are the most awesome people I know

  3. You both are so romantic and a little nuts.

  4. Oh. My. WORD!
    Karl's b-day pictures crack me up, I love them!
    Except for evil, ugly Al and his scowl... Someday I'll drop kick that bird into a pig pen and it'll be completely justified.