Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SpRiNg BrEaK!!!

Well, this past week was Spring Break and it was fabulous! It was actually a lot different than any other spring break I've ever had...because we didn't go anywhere or really do anything! Ha. It was nice, but got boring at the end of the week and I am definitely ready to head back to school and get into my regular routine.

So, because we weren't going anywhere crazy we decided to head down to Salt Lake this last weekend to at least DO something this break. On Friday we went to Alex's parents house and just hung out. We saw Jamie's (Alex's sister) twin girls and went to Village Inn with his Dad. Then that night we watched 17 Miracles. If you haven't seen that, I highly recommend it! It's amazing to see what those people went through for us to live in this beautiful valley! Crazy stuff. Watch it!

Then Saturday we got up, ate breakfast and headed to my Dad and Alisia's for the day. We went snowshoeing!! I had never been before and it was a blast! Also, another thing I highly recommend! We just went up Little Cottonwood Canyon and snowshoed around the Solitude area. It was beautiful up there and fun to do a winter activity and have it be nice and warm! Then we went up to Solitude and ate around the lodge. It was a place called Kimi's and was delish!! We headed back to their house and I got to open some late birthday gifts! I got some sewing supplies (need to start!) a temple bag and an adorable swimming suit! Then my Dad and I spent the night doing taxes while Alisia watched a movie and Alex watched sports. Fun night for them!....long for us, ha. But it is so relieving to get that out of the way and I'm so grateful for my Dad for taking the time for helping with them. He is a life saver!! Thanks Dad!!

So then Sunday morning came and we ate breakfast then headed up to my Mom's to spend the day with her. We got there just in time for church and then went straight to my grandparents afterwards. We spent the night eating, laughing, and playing games. I love going to my grandparents and we hadn't seen them since Christmas time so it was good to be back! Then we headed back up to Logan for this week of "rest" and no school.

This week was...lonely. The only night Alex didn't work was Monday, which was great! Alex picked me up from work at 4 and we walked around the mall for a little bit to kill time (what else is there to do up here?) Ha. And then came home and had dinner, FHE, and went out to see a movie! I don't even remember the last time we went out to go see a movie! It was quite the luxury. :) I guess that's what we get for being poor, married, and in college! We saw This Means War and it was hilarious! Even Alex loved it! And that is saying something. It was for sure a "must see again or possibly even own" movie in my book.

Well, like I said before the only night Alex didn't work was Monday. Let me just clarify that to you again...I was home alone Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday night. Do you know how awful that is? Well I just hate being home alone period, but to have him gone 4 nights in a row was torture. Although, I did get some fun stuff done.

Tuesday I made a menu board for our house. I got the frame at DI: $2.00, scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby: $1.00, and rub on letters, also Hobby Lobby: $1.50. You know you can feel awesome about a project when the whole thing is less than $5.00. It was super simple. Spraypaint the frame (obviously I haven't yet...it will be black and I'm going to probably do it in a couple weeks when we are back in SLC) then rub the letters on to the glass and put the scrapbook paper in the frame. Super easy and I think it turned out cute! Even though I'm not fully done with it yet. I'll have to post a picture when it is completely finished.

Wednesday was one of those "I have no motivation so I'm not going to do anything" days. I worked until 4 and then basically just hung out doing absolutely nothing the rest of the night. I decided I really hate days like that. You have no idea where the time went and realized you did nothing productive. Haha. Dang it! Luckily Alex and I did have fun after he got off work! We played Just Dance, Sequence, and Mario Kart. It was fun to play games and to be able to spend some one on one time together!

By the time Thursday came I couldn't take it anymore so I called my Mom and she headed up to Logan to spend the day with me! It was incredible! Just to have some company and someone in my home, I realized how much I missed it and was so glad she could make it up and rescuse me from loneliness and boredom! Our day was great!! Just a typical Mother/Daughter day! We went to craft stores, boutiques, and grocery shopping. She also brought some of her old Easter decorations so I could have some holiday spirit in my house! Then we spent the night working on an Easter wreath. I found the idea from this site: http://cindis.blogspot.com/2009/03/moms-do-some-grass-this-month.html. It was so easy and really fun to do with my Mom! She brought all the supplies. An old cardboard box, a bunch of left over plastic eggs that are who knows how old, and Easter grass! I just provided the hot glue gun and we were a great team!

Cute huh?! Well I think so anyway. My husband...not so much. But what do guys know about Easter wreaths anyway right?! ;) Ha! I'm glad it turned out and it was so much fun to have my Mom there all day! I wish she could come more often! It's fun to spend time with her. Thanks again for coming up Mom, it was great!

Friday was just about as productive as Wednesday, and still super boring! Ha. To be honest...I can't really remember what I even did...so let's just skip that day all together!

Saturday and Sunday I finally got my husband back because he didn't have to work! But...I didn't really, because it's March madness...and well, if you know my husband then you know that if you have one second in the day to watch basketball then you do not miss March madness. So we spent our Saturday doing that. It was fun though, although I slept most the time, but it was good to spend some more time with Alex. We had green breakfast and the leprechauns even visited our house and left presents! ;)

So it was back in third grade (on St. Patrick's Day) and we had just come in from lunch when we all saw our desks were turned upside down, the room completely destroyed, ah! First thing to do: PANIC! My teachers helped calm us down (a little) when they told us it must have been the leprechauns because that's what they are known for. "They come in and destroy rooms and then leave pots of gold." 

I have never forgotten that day and have always wanted to do it for my kids when they were little. But first, I thought I'd practice on Alex! So we were making homemade pizza that night and I purposely forgot to buy pepperoni. I sent Alex to the store and said I had to go to the bathroom real quick so just to go ahead without me. So...while he was gone I destroyed our apartment (not really) and left skittles (taste the rainbow!) all over with some Junior Mints at the "pot of gold" (I couldn't find any of those gold coins...) Anyways...his reaction was hilarious!!! He walked in with completely panic and thought someone really destroyed our apartment (yeah...while I was here?) haha. When I told him "no...this could have only been one thing....leprechauns..." he laughed and told me how ridiculous I was then searched for his "pot of gold." All in all I think he liked it....kind of. I think he was mostly just stressed about the mess in the apartment, but don't worry, it took about 2 minutes to destroy and 5 to clean it up. So it's all good! Maybe some of you should do this to someone next year, it was quite entertaining! It was a good St. Patrick's Day and just a good day to spend with my love!

Well that's about all that's been going on. I'm looking forward to being more busy and not so lonely when Alex does work nights! I really am so grateful that Alex has a job and provides for our family. I just miss seeing him and being able to spend time together at night! Spring break really did do one good thing good...it was sooo nice to finally have some relaxation time! Oh and for those who want to know...our fitness challenge is going well! It's still kind of hard to not eat after 8 but everything else has gotten a lot easier. Especially the sweets thing (we can only have them one day a week.) I really do feel healthier and I've only lost like 2 pounds, but Alex has lost about 5! And we've only been doing it for 2 weeks! 8 more weeks of this and we'll be in good shape! Well I think this blog is long enough, so I'll stop here! Ha. Happy March Madness!! ;)


  1. How fun to read your blog and see what you are up to! The wreath is cute no matter what Alex says, and it was fun to see pictures of the trip to your cabin. Lauren has lots of good memories of times spent up there!! I'm glad things are happy for you.

    1. Thank you so much! I think the wreath may be growing on him...but who knows. :) And I feel like all my memories of the cabin are with her! Love that girl. I hope she is doing well. Please tell her I say hi!

  2. You are so cute! I LOVE the wreath and your leprechaun surprise. And you'll have to help me make one of those menu things when you visit! :)

    1. Oh my goodness. Thank you! And yes of course! How about we just think of random fun craft things to do (or ones I've already done) and then we can do them/I can help you with them! And we can send the boys to go golfing or just do something. :)

  3. Snowshoeing with you and Alex was wonderful. More of that next year. Thanks for blogging. It's a great read.

  4. I like the leprechaun thing. Lish and I are going to start doing that with Yale and our other future children next year. Not that we'll have any more children by St. Patty's next year, but you know what I mean. We didn't do it this year because we figured he wouldn't know the difference since he's the little leprechaun right now, if you know what I mean. And yay for the fitness challenge! I'm happy to hear you've both been doing so great with it and lost some weight.