Monday, May 7, 2012

Schoooooool's Out. For. Summer!!!

School's out for summer! And man does it feel good! That's all that has been on my mind the past month and a half...hence the reason I haven't written in so'm so sorry about that! Anyways, let's see what's been going on in the Jacobs home....well, we went to Alex's family's house for Easter and it was a blast! His parents do an Easter egg hunt (with another family too), but it has some serious goodies--and I don't mean candy! There is money and gift cards and it makes it really fun! I think we got about $22 and a gift card to McDonald's and Cafe Rio. Delish! The day before that we hung out with my Mom and went to City Creek. Man that place is beautiful! However, maybe it's because I live on basically an island now (*cough*.....Logan.....*cough*) But seriously, it almost seemed TOO big. Ya know? Do you think the stores will be successful? Because they have some seriously expensive Utah? Hmmmm. Idk, I guess we'll see how it goes! But nonetheless, it was fun to spend the day there and feel rich ;) while spending time with my Mom! Oh yeah...and we dyed Easter eggs!

Well besides that, we've been hanging out with a few couples in our ward lately and it's been really fun! It's good to make married friends, 'cause you're all in the same boat and no one feels left out--ya know, 'cause you all have a spouse! It's great. They're great! *Sidenote* Alex wanted to prove to me that he could make dinner "all by himself!", so obviously I wasn't going to object so I let him! And it was delish!!! Best chicken cordon bleu ever. :)

Also few weekends ago we headed down to AF for Alisia's big birthday! It was fun to spend time with family and be weird with my sister...and all the rest of my family!

Also this is random....but my computer is being weird and I can't delete this video off my I guess you can just see how cute my nephew is!! :) Even though it's really short....he was dancing to his music, but got a little shy when I pulled out the camera. But he is still SO cute!!

*Tradition!* So Alex and I started this tradition last year that every Earth day we would go see the Earth day movie that Disney comes out with. Two years ago it was Oceans, last year it was African Cats, and this year it was...... Chimpanzee! Well, we were running a little late to the movie so on our way I said "well, I hope not all the good seats are taken!" .....Trust me, they weren't. Why, you may ask? Because literally NO ONE was in the theater. It was totally awesome and will probably never happen again...but it's an experience I wish upon all of you!

A couple weekends ago we had my brother Kyle and Chelsea over for probably one of the last times (since Kyle graduated and is moving forever out of Logan). We made pizza and played games all night! It was fun to be with them and I'll miss our times together! Hopefully, they will still make it up here/over here and we can hang out! I'll miss you guys!

Honestly, not much as been going on around here...I felt like I really needed to blog since it had been so long and now that I'm doing it, I feel like I have nothing to say! Ha. So I'm sorry if this is a drag! We have just been killing ourselves this last stretch of school and now that it's over I hope we can have more days of feeding ducks, going on walks, and having picnics! Like this day... ↓ 

It was a really fun day and good to spend some summer lovin' time together. :) This summer will be different, since it will be my first one away from home, but it will be good. It will be fun to spend time with Alex in the town that we met and fell in love and be able to grow even closer as a couple! We do live in a pretty beautiful city! 

Well hopefully, I'll blog sooner than later! I know I've been bad...I'll keep trying! Anyways, yay to all of you who are dong with school for the summer (including myself!) FREEEEEDOOOOM!! :)

PS: Remember how I was going to post a picture of my menu board when it was all the way finished?! Well here it is!!