Sunday, December 16, 2012

Annnnd....I'M BACK!

Well. I'm back! It's been WAY too long. The last post I had was titled "Schoool's. Out. For. Summer." Ha. And now I can's out FOREVER! Crazy how time flies.

Okay, well I feel like I have a LOT of catching up to do. Let's see...since May I have gotten a new job! I now work at USU Credit Union as a teller and I love it! It helps that I have a degree in banking is kind of where I want to be--so it works out. Also, Alex has applied to Physical Therapy School. We don't find out for a while if he gets in or not...but let's pray he does! If not, then we will be on to Plan B--which currently is nothing. :) So we should probably work on that...Anyways, the biggest thing of all that is happened lately is......Alex and I are proud to announce that......


We both finished up our Bachelor degree's just yesterday! It was actually kind of weird because we realized that we could both graduated the same semester and then as it got closer we both realized our very last final was on the same day and THEN we realized it was at the exact same time! So not only did we graduate the same semester, but the same day AND the same time. Craziness yes? Anywho, hence the reason I have not posted in sooooo long. I literally have had no time. I don't know if it was because I was working more than I ever have before, or because my classes were hard, or because it was my last semester and I just simply lost motivation--but this past semester was rough! It was by far my hardest semester ever and you have no idea how glad I am that it's over! Yesterday I could literally not stop smiling and I'm pretty sure I had a skip in my step all day.

Even though I am SO beyond excited to be done I feel kind of sad that my whole college experience is just....over. I have had so many great and not so great experiences that I have learned from and grown so much from. I have met so many amazing people and made life long friendships. I would never, ever change the past 3 1/2 years. They have been the most amazing, frustrating, exciting, emotionally/physically draining, best, worst and most rewarding times of my life. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

I know that this post could go forever...but let's just highlight some of the best college sometimes speak louder than words (right?) So lets start down memory lane!!


My very first day after moving up the college in my first dorm. :) I still don't get how my EVERYTHING was in that small place...and I lived!

Meeting this amazing girl!!! Who knew that she would still be my very best friend. :) I love her!

                Meeting this hilarious group of friends. They made freshman year undescribably incredible.

                                                                        There are no words.

  Just three best friends.

                That time when I went to Hawaii for spring break with my cute cousin. :) AMAZING!

Then my best friend left on a mission!.................and then came home!! :)

                           And then I meet someone who would really change my life......

This guy. :) This was our first picture ever taken together as just good friends at the Pumpkin Walk here in Logan. Who knew at this point that this would be just the first of many to come--and as my husband!!!!! :)

College got pretty amazing after that. I had been through lots of ups and downs and it was nice to finally have a guy that cared about me enough to stick it out. :) There was a lot of patience involved on his end--as I now know, but I'm so grateful for him and his wiliness to wait for me. I am one lucky girl! 

Seriously though. I think every girl dreams of having a man look at them this way. I feel blessed to have met Alex here at Utah State and so grateful for all he does for me. I am pretty much in love with him. Can you blame me though? ;) 

Then started our dating days....Ha. Beard. But let's not forget my fabulous roommates!!

Then came this fabulous day...on April 29, 2011 when this amazing man asked me to marry him!

Too bad I was leaving just weeks later for South America....goodbye for a month to my new fiancee...

But what an AMAZING experience it was!!! I went on a Study Abroad with the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business to South America. We traveled to Chile, Brazil, and Peru. I have never had such an amazing experience and seriously recommend it for ALL college students! You get to go to an amazing foreign place for just as much as a regular semester of tuition, while earnings credits, creating networking opportunities, and it looks super good on a resume! Seriously. Incredible. We traveled all over, but I'll just post some of my favorite pictures. :)



As amazing as South America was, it was nice to get back with my new fiancee! Life got pretty busy as we got enjoyed being engaged and planning a wedding! The summer was pretty crazy, but an amazing time spending time together and got even better when our wedding day came. :) 



College got even more fun after that being able to spend time with the one I love the most! I finally started to get more sleep that I had ever had before! As school went on and I started to get into my upper division hard classes, but this time I had a husband there to help me where needed and be a constant support!

I really am so grateful for my college experience at Utah State. I would never change it for the world. I have learned so much and can't imagine life without it. I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people that have helped me throughout college career. First off, my parents for their constant support and help. They were my number one encouragement and I'm grateful for them and making sure I didn't ever give up when times got tough. Then my sweet roommates! College wouldn't have been the same without them and they were always there to be my best friends. We had a lot of laughs, cries, frustrations, memories and best times of my life! No words can really describe how grateful I am for all my friends and cute family that have helped with everything during the past 3 1/2 years. :) 

Most of all I'm grateful for my sweet husband and all of his support throughout my college experience! Especially the past semester! He had to listen to me cry, be excited, stressed and helped me during everything! He cooked during almost every night and cleaned the whole apartment many times. I'm so thankful for him and his help. :)

Looking back at how amazing my college experience was makes me so thankful for the memories I will always cherish. I am so relieved to be done though. And as weird as it sounds I am ready to go back to being a wife, a homemaker and a woman with a career! I am ready to cook dinner again, make crafts, get a big girl job and spend time with my husband!

Thanks for a great 3 1/2 years Utah State. Every part of it will always be cherished. Go Aggies!!!

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  1. I've missed your posts. What a great summary of your college experience! I am so proud of you. Love you.