Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Break!

Well I don't know about you...but for me the holidays FLEW!  Seriously.  It was soooo nice to spend time with family though.  My oldest brother came down from Washington and my sister came up from St. George so it was just wonderful to be with the whole fam during the holidays (minus my brother in Alaska...but I guess they have a valid excuse being so far and having my sister in law be pregnant...and the fact that they were out just a few weeks earlier for my other brothers wedding...so I guess I can't be too upset. ;) )

Anyways, we did a few exciting things for the holidays.  First off I had my annual friend Christmas party. :)  It's always nice to get back together with my best friends.  Although we are all in different spots in our lives and live in different places when we get together it's like we have never been apart and I love it.  That is what I call true friendship.  Love 'em!

Then we went to a few family parties--one with Alex's family and one with my Dad's side.  It was fun to get together with everyone and catch up.  I think that is by far my favorite part of the holidays--to just be able to be with family and catch up with everyone.  Between driving back and forth every where Alex and I got to spend a little free time together and went to Scheels.  Have you ever been to that store?!  Wow! Talk about HUGE!!!  Alex told me if he could live there forever, so I guess if he ever disappears I'll know where to look first.  Haha.

Christmas came and went way too fast this year.  But it was a really really good one.  On Christmas Eve we headed up to my Mom's for fun, games, old and new traditions.  We had a delicious dinner, an ugly sweater Christmas party, opened a pair of pj's, played games all night and of course......make homemade donuts.  Yummy yummy spudnuts!!!! :)  It was a fun night to spend time with family and cry for laughing too hard--that's when you know you got it good.

Christmas day was really fun.  Me niece and nephews were there so we got to participate in the excitement of little kids with Santa--which made Christmas 50 times better!  That afternoon we went to Alex's parents and played games then headed to my Dad's that night to play more games and enjoy the Christmas holiday with family.  The day after Christmas we kept the greatest tradition alive by hitting the slopes--even with the storm and cold weather!  It was fun to snowboard with Alex and my sister all day.  They are pretty crazy and I love them both.

Besides that we were up in Logan working and trying to stay warm in this FREEZING weather! -18 degrees is just evil.  Yes it was -18 one morning...... -18.......  We celebrated the New Year at my Moms with my brother and sister and it was one of the most fun New Years Eves ever.  We laughed way too much and I'm so glad when I get to spend time with them!

Well 2013 is here and I feel like it's been coming forever.  Ha.  Idk why but I feel that way but I think it's because I'm extremely anxious about this year.  There are going to be a lot of changes coming our way (hopefully) and I just want them to happen now!  Patience is not my strongest virtue...so I'm ready to figure out whats going to be going on in our lives!  For those of you who don't know, Alex just applied to Physical Therapy School.  He will be finding out whether or not he got interviews mid-January (hopefully next week...) and then the interviews are in February then he will find out whether or not he got into school in March or April then school starts in August.  So there are a lot of "this THEN that....THEN...." Too much waiting!  We are praying that things will work out according to plan and hopefully move somewhere because he got into school.  We'll see....

I'm ready for this new year though and I'm excited to not go to school anymore!!!  I think I'm going to miss it...but I'm still recuperating from last semester because it was sooo awful....  I'm looking forward to just working and being a woman!  Anyways...besides that we are doing well.  I am working full time and Alex is working two part time jobs.  It's only Tuesday and he has already worked 22 hours this week.  So this may be a long eight months!  But things are well, we are just blessed and happy we both have jobs!  So grateful for a new year and hope it brings us happy surprises!  Hope you all have a great new year too!  Welcome 2013!

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  1. You finally updated your blog! Yay! Now that you're not in school, I expect these more often.