Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Year In Review: 2013!

So....one of my New Years Resolutions is to SERIOUSLY be better about this blog....especially now that we are away from family. So, please keep on me and make sure that I follow through!

Since I struggled A LOT to do this blog last year....I am just going to give you a "year in review". It may be quite lengthy though....because lots has happened. Well. Let's try to start where I left out last (last February) :|. In March we went to Moab and went camping for THE FIRST TIME. Judge away! For how much I LOVE the outdoor you would think I would have really gone....oh well, now I can cross that off my bucket list! (Although I'm sure that won't be the last time I go). Moab was awesome. I had been there once before, but when I was little, so it was fun to go there again and really remember everything. I took WAY to many pictures. But I couldn't help it! It's beautiful there! Here's just a few:

Moab was a great trip and it was fun to spend time with family! Also in March, we bought a new car! Alex told me that if I could get a good job and work really hard to get a career then I can get a car....little did he know that I would be sure to follow through with my end! So he had to follow through with his end of the bargain too!

And in April we decided to move into a townhome! We LOVED it. It was so nice to have all the extra space!!

We had quite a few things happen in May. First off, we walked for graduation! So that was fun to get all in all caps and gowns (even if it was 5 months later) and be able to make graduation feel real! My sister came up from St. George and my brother flew out from Washington. I am so blessed to have such a supportive family! How grateful I am for them and all they have done for me & Alex. Especially, motivating us (me) to keep trekin'! AND I got to graduated with my best friend! Can't believe we both made it through business ;) So happy to have her at my side every step of the way. Can't image life with Kaila!! GO AGGIES!

After graduation my Mom, sister and I all headed for NYC for a graduation trip!! It was AMAZING! We did SO much there. I can't even tell you. Here are just a few of the pictures....but the trip was incredible!! It was so much fun to spend time just us 3 girls and be able to go to The Big City! Hopefully I can go back soon - with Alex this time, since he's never been! Anyways, here just a tiny preview of the trip! (Literally...I may of may not have taken over 600 pictures)

It was definitely a trip to remember. Thanks Mom for all the memories!!

THEN the week after I got back we headed to St. George for Alex's annual family boating trip. We got to stay with my sister too, so that was fun to see her again! We spent all our time boating or hiking. It was so much fun to spend time with our nieces and spent time with family!

After all of our busy fun filled trips, life was just filled with work. Which was fun and exhausting (as all work can be sometimes). I was loving my job at the credit union and Alex was still super busy with his work, but it made the most out of it!


ALEX GOT INTO PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL!! In Hampton, VIRGINIA!!! I couldn't even believe it. We had applied to 7 different school and had heard no from 6 of them, we even called this last school to ask them about some of the certain requirements and realized that Alex maybe didn't even meet them. We had already come up with some many "B" plans that by the time plan "A" worked out it almost seemed inconvenient! I just recently got this new job, we had just moved...etc. etc. BUT things happen for a reason and I know that we were meant to work and we were obviously meant to move to Virginia. I will be honest....it was HARD. I was so grateful and excited that our plans had worked out as hoped, but I couldn't believe we would be moving across the country, starting fresh, finding a new job, a new home, new friends. Moving it tough. Once reality set in, we got working right on moving! We got a place to live, we got in touch with our ward out here, things were really coming together. We both quit our jobs a couple weeks early so that we would have time to really spend time with family before we left.

We definitely lived up our last few weeks in Utah saying goodbye to a lot of family and friends and I'm so grateful for everyone that came to say goodbye to us!

AND....we celebrated our TWO year anniversary!!! :) Can't believe it's already been that long!

Then....THE MOVE. We decided to take 5 days to get out here because we decided to stop in Chicago on our way out and stay with my Uncle. It was so fun to be able to see some family on the drive! Leaving was ROUGH! I think I cried for a few hours straight until I was so exhausted I slept most the drive (all) of the drive consistent of me sleeping and Alex driving. But, when I was awake we listened to the Harry Potter books! Two of them anyways. GREAT books.

Neither of us had been to Chicago before and we only had one day, so we decided to take one of those tourist buses! It was so fun to explore the city. There was so much to see! Chicago is an amazing city! Here's a few highlights:

Then we drove another day and stopped in D.C. Alex's best friend, Brandon, was there doing an internship, so he let us stay with him! The next day we spent the day exploring. It was a BUSY day, but we saw lots and it was so fun to be able to spend time with Brandon and to have him so close!

Then, we FINALLY made to Hampton, Virginia!! I was so beyond nervous about getting here and seeing our place in person. Praying that it would be just as good in person as it looked online....luckily it was! We were so excited to finally be here and start our life here!

VIRGINIA. Wow. There is so much that has happened here already! BUT because this post is already SUPER long and I'll be impressed if any of you are still really reading....then here it goes! It has been great! We have definitely had to take some time adjusting, finding new friends and me finding a new job. And yes it is hard to be away from family. Especially during the past few months with all the holidays. We have had the opportunity to meet some many great people in our ward and made so many friends already. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be out here going to school and I already know that we would have never changed this experience for the world. Even if it meant moving across the country and getting completely out of my "Utah bubble". I am so grateful I can experience this with Alex and how much closer we are already becoming having just each other to depend on out here. We are BLESSED. There really is wayyyy to much to say about what we are doing, so here's a few pictures. :)

Alex's first day of school!

Watching the sunrise...10 minutes from our house!


Buckroe Beach

 Halloween Fun!

A nature park 5 minutes down the road. 


 George Washington's Manor

D.C. Capital

New Kitty!!! (Lily)

Christmas by ourselves for the first time!

We really are so grateful to be living out here and for all the experiences we have already had and will continue to have! I PROMISE I will be better about blogging...but help me out! Feel free to encourage me and stay on me!

Happy New Year!


  1. Hooray!! Can't wait to read more blog posts. It was really fun seeing your pictures! I especially loved the graduation photos, they sure turned out nice.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this blog. Makes you feel not so far away. Keep it up.