Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Start of 2014!

Remember how I said I was going to be SO much better about posting on this blog....hmmm....I'm struggling here! But, I'm back! And a lot less shorter than last time! Ha. So, whats been going on since January? Honestly, not TOO much besides work, school church....school, church, work. (Pretty much what our lives revolve around). BUT we did have a few fun things happen recently so lets focus on that!

Alex and I both had the opportunity to go back home to Utah in January. Sadly, on separate occasions...but we both made it back out for a little bit! Alex went first. He went at the beginning of the month because he had a month off of school for Christmas break and because I had to just work the whole time, his family thought it would be fun for him to come out for a little bit and kill time! So he flew out for a week. ....longest. week. ever. It was the longest we had ever been separated and it was hard. I didn't even think I could miss Alex that much! Yes, I was thrilled that he had something to do and that he was able to get back out to Utah, but I missed him like crazy! It was definitely a dream to have him back home again! Luckily, our little Lily (kitty) kept me company the whole time. We did find out that she had a tapeworm though, so she was sick pretty much the whole time he was gone....my poor baby! But don't worry, she's all ship shape now!

Then about two weeks after Alex got back I went to Utah to go to my best friend's (Emily Pitt...now Mendoza!) wedding! It was AMAZING! I am so grateful that I was able to get the time off of work and be able to come out there for that. It was such a perfect, beyond magical day and I'm so grateful I was able to be apart of it! I can't even image having missed it, so I'm so glad I got to be there! The sealing was beautiful, of course. And I felt so blessed and honored to be able to be in the temple with them and watch them get sealed. It's an amazing thing to be able to be there and watch your best friend be sealed to her sweetheart for time and all eternity. :)  PLUS I got to see all of my amazing friends that day! I was so thrilled that I was able to see all of my friends in one gathering! I love when I get to see all my friends again because honestly, it doesn't even matter how much time has passed it feels like we were just together yesterday! I LOVE that about our friendship. Pretty much, the day was perfect! So, thanks Em for making that happen so that I could see all our friends! ;) Ha! The whole day was perfect and I can't image life without all my amazing friends in it! So happy for Emily and to my newest bestie Carlos! Here are a few highlights of the day:

Don't even get me started on the dancing. Probably one of THE BEST dance parties I've had in a long time!!! So fabulous!!!

Also, my sister drove up from St. George so that she could spend time with me while I was in Utah. I was SO excited that I was able to see her and finally be able to meet my new niece and spend time with my nephew too! I was so thrilled that Whitney drove all the way up just to see me! (Well and for Emily's wedding of course!) We hung out with all sorts of family and I was so happy to see everyone. I have really missed family and it was so nice to be able to see everyone again!

Even though my vacation was short, I was so excited to see so many people! I got to see how dang cute my SIL is pregnant and be able to feel my little niece kick inside her belly! (She's due in like 2 weeks!) I got to go up to my grandparents and have a dinner and game night with them. Of course, I got to spend time with my amazing Mom and have a blast with her!! I got to spend time with my Dad and step-mom and all go out to dinner with step-sibs - meet my new nephew! And just see everyone! It was so fun to be able to get together! And then I got to spend a day with Alex's family and be able to see our cute nieces! I can't even believe that when we move back from Virginia they will be 4!! They are already growing way too fast, so it was fun to be able to see all of them and see how much they are talking and see how long their hair has gotten and see how grown up they are! I'm SO grateful for family and all they do for us. I feel like I never realized how great it was to have family near, YES I love being out here with just me and Alex. We needed this adventure. For us, our relationship, our lives together, everything! BUT I do miss family and I'm grateful I got to see them while I could!

Then! I had a birthday!!!!! Now, if anyone of you truly know me, then you will know how OBSESSED I am with birthdays in general, but especially my own. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!! It truly is the greatest day in the year. Of course, if you watch my FB or Insta then you know what my main birthday present was.....

Yes, the dream! When Alex and I were looking for apartments out here my one thing was that it HAD to be pet friendly. I told him that if he was going to move me across the country, then I was finally going to get a kitty! He obviously agreed and here we are! She's perfect! She is way too much fun and we are just a tiny bit obsessed with her. We talk now about how we can't even imagine life without her in it! It may sound dumb, but she really has brought so much more joy into our home than we could have imaged! I'm so grateful to have this little one around! (Maybe this is how people feel about their babies? We'll know one day! ;) ) But really....do you blame me?!

Besides that I got a few fun things from Alex that I've been wanting! So that was fun! My birthday was on Sunday so it was actually perfect, because that means I didn't have to work! Alex got up and made me little breakfast before church and then we came home and he made big breakfast! Then he just sit and let me relax while he made a cake, cupcakes and my favorite dinner dish! He beyond spoiled me and I am so grateful for him and the amazing husband that he is to me! Then we had friends over for games and cake that night! Can I just tell you how amazing these people are? I was SO terrified to move to VA and find new friends. We found out that two people in Alex's class were Mormon and both were married! Of course we immediately clung to each other and I think we will for life. :) I love these four people and can't image our PT school adventure that we are all doing together without them! It was such a fabulous birthday and I'm so grateful for everyone who made it fun!

Then we had Valentines Day! We kept it pretty low key, since we are poor grad students! Ha. But we did go see the Lego Movie! It was fun to get out and spend time together celebrating our love. :)

Besides that, life has been pretty low key. Like I said earlier our life is pretty much: work, school, church...church, school, work. Back and forth and all over the place! Oh yeah, and Alex decided to grow out his beard for a little change! I think this is the longest he's had it before, it's been over a month and a half! But, all in all life has been good for us though. :) Besides missing family, we do really love Virginia. There is so much to do around here and it's been so fun to live on the east coast! Alex is actually on spring break this week and we are going to go out to Virginia Beach this Friday with our friends and go on a little "whale watching cruise" I love that we have so many fun things to do! It also has been fun to be able to grow so much closer together. We have only lived here about 6 1/2 months and I love how much closer we have become. Sometimes I don't think I could be more in love with Alex and yet it happens day after day. (sorry for the cheese).

Well, I really am serious this time about keepin' up my blog! Especially for myself, because it takes a long time to write these when I wait so long, 'cause there's too much to say! Here's to spring!!!

PS: It's getting warm here, so that means: Beach Time!!

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  1. I so enjoy your updates. Reading them makes you feel closer.