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Jeremy Carter Jacobs - Birth Story

Jeremy Carter Jacobs. Born August 23, 2017 at 3:27AM. 7 lbs. 8 oz. 20.25" long. <3

Needed to write down Jeremy's birth story before it gets much longer and I start forgetting details! When Logan was 10 days late, I just assumed I was going to be late again. I went to the doctor on Monday morning and he said I was maybe MAYBE dilated to a 2 and still 0% effaced. I asked if he could strip my membranes and he said that he would try, but that it's hard when the cervix isn't opened up at all. He said he did a slight sweep, but it would probably just give me some cramps. I had some slight cramping the rest of the day, but nothing much. 

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I definitely felt different. My entire pregnancy (with Logan too) I never got braxton hicks or any "early signs" of labor. Tuesday was the first day I had really felt a little crampy. I had to teach that morning, so I had been up since 4AM. It was just a regular day around here. Logan and I ate breakfast and got ready and then we headed to the park with friends. I remember being really irritable at almost everything Logan was doing. Ha! I figured it was because of the heat, the fact he just kept wanting to sit on my lap at the park and that I had some little cramps for the first time. We got home around lunch time and I called Alex telling him about how I was feeling. He said that everyone at his work was asking how I was doing and he told them I was fine and that he'd probably see them all into the next week. He then said how after talking to him, he was a little nervous and thought maybe it would be sooner. I figured it wouldn't be and told him not to worry. ;) 

I put Logan down for a nap and decided to lay down myself, since I'd be awake since 4! It took forever to fall asleep and then I woke up about 20 minutes later from the pain of cramping. I ended up just trying to rest, but nothing was making me feel better. Logan woke up and we played upstairs until Alex got home from work. A little after he got home, my cramping started to get worse. We have been house hunting for awhile now and had plans to meet with our realtor at 5. I kept pacing around the room until a "cramp" would pass and then was fine. I still wanted to go look at the house we had planned to see, so we all got in the car and headed over. While we were there, the cramping started to get worse and worse, but we were with our realtor and I didn't really want to say anything because I wanted to see the house! Haha. We finally left and when we got home I felt like I was starving. We made spaghetti and breadsticks and I was so excited to eat. By the time dinner was on the table, I would barley eat because I had such bad cramping. I ended up pacing around the house most of dinner and never really ate much. 

Nothing felt good to help with the cramping. I tried walking, laying, sitting, standing...nothing. *TMI:* but I felt like I constantly needed to go #2. I kept sitting on the toilet and nothing would come out, but I felt like I really needed to go. I was irritated that I couldn't get relief and would leave the bathroom...just to be back in it 5-10 minutes later. I never even went #2, but man I was on the toilet a lot! Ha. I had heard that some women labor for a long time on the toilet and it sounded so bizarre to me. But no doubt, that was the only place I could be in the lease amount of pain. 

I texted my sister and told her that there was some serious cramping going on over here on my end, but that I'm sure it was nothing...but if something crazy happened, I would let her know. Hours passed...still about the same story. Back and forth from the bathroom, etc. etc. My beehives even dropped off a goodie to say "thank you" for being in YW's because I had just been released that previous Sunday. It was fun to see them and talk to them for a little bit...while in labor! Haha. We put Logan to bed that night and I just figured I'd see him in the morning. After he was in bed I decided it was probably time to start timing these "cramps" because they may actually be something....ha! They were about 30-40 seconds long and about 7 minutes apart. My sister called and said that she was going to head to bed to try to get some rest, just in case this was it! I told her I honestly didn't know and I'd just keep her updated. (Just as a quick backstory...with Logan, I was on my way to the hospital to get induced when I went into labor on my own. So I had no idea what it was like to labor at home and when you go into the hospital! Haha!!) 

Anyways, I decided to take a shower and sit in the water for awhile. It was so heavenly and probably the best I had felt all day. I got out and decided to time my contractions again. They were now 40-50 seconds and 6 minutes apart...getting closer!! I got out my last minute stuff for my hospital bag, just in case and decided if this was it, I might as well try to rest while I can. I tried laying in bed, but couldn't sleep because of the pain. My mom called and asked how I was doing. I told her I thought maybe I was in actual labor, but couldn't tell. The longer I talked to her, the more contractions I would get. Faster and longer. I got to the point that I had to stop talking to her during them and just breathe through it. She told me "'re in labor. You should get to the hospital!" I timed them again and they were 60+ seconds and 5 minutes apart.

So I started texted my sister and Alex called our friend to come to our house to be with Logan. Whitney was on her way down and I knew my friend was going to be at least 10-15 minutes to get to our house, so I decided to hop back in the shower to wash my hair! Ha. I was really upset that I hadn't done so before and my hair hadn't been washed since Saturday and it really bothered me. Hahaha! So I got back in, washed my hair...shaved my legs...haha!! Alex had to tell me to get out because we needed to go have a baby! I got out and braided my hair between contractions - I was pretty adamant about not having my hair all crazy like while I was in labor, so I took the time to do it. (Yes, I know I'm crazy about weird stuff!) As I finished braiding my hair, my friend got there to be with Logan. She wished me luck and sent us on our way - by this point it was about 12:15AM (Wednesday morning now). 

**Finally to the hospital**

We got to the hospital about 12:30 and had to go through the ER since the regular doors were locked. When we got in and they asked what they could help us with. I said "well....I think I'm in labor?" Ha! She said she called labor and delivery to have them come get us and get me checked. The nurse came down and asked if I wanted a wheelchair, I said I was fine to walk (didn't realize how long the walk was :0). As we were walking, she was asking how long I'd been having contractions, I told her I didn't even know, but had kind of been all day...maybe? (worst patient ever). She asked if I had been to the my doctor yet that week and what he said. I told her yes, I was there Monday morning and I was barley dilated to a 2 and 0% effaced. She kind of looked at me and then said "okay.....well, we will get you checked, but a lot of times there can be false labor and often times woman need to be sent home if they aren't dilated very far." I told her that was fine and I was ready to be checked! She took me into triage and I got down to the lovely hospital gown. As soon as she checked me, she gasped! "Oh! Yeah!'re dilated to a 5 and 80-90% effaced. So you are in active labor. Let's find you a room!"

By the time we were in a room, it was about 1:00AM or so. Tons of different nurses were constantly in and out of our room. Getting an IV in, drawing my blood, making me sign all sorts of paperwork, asking for my medical history, putting the belts to track my contractions and heartbeat on. They finally left and it was just me and Alex. They kept asking me if I had decided about an epidural or not. I told them I wasn't sure and was going to just keep waiting. As with all labor, the contractions got stronger and harder and faster. The only way I could get through each one was to be on my hands and knees, doing cat-cow. And lots of deep breaths. They also dimmed the lights in the room, which really helped. The nurse kept coming and getting after me a little because every time I was in that position it would move the belts and show that the baby's heart rate was dropping, even though it wasn't. So I switched to holding onto the side of the bed and leaning over the back of it (kind of on my stomach). I decided I did want the epidural and let the nurse know. She said they had to wait for my blood work to come back before they could give me the epidural and it would be about another half hour...which of course, felt like like 5 hours. Ha. During that half hour, I kept making low moans and felt like I was going to poop my pants. Ha! My nurse told me to try to stay calm and that I was just about to get the epidural, so to really hold through!

The anesthesiologist came in with every thing to get prepared and as soon as my blood work came through on the computer, he gave me the shot. It was soooo much better than when I got it with Logan. I was able to hold completely still during it and felt relief after 2-3 contractions. As soon as he finished the shot, Whitney walked in with a present and flowers! I was so thrilled she was finally there and be there for Jeremy's birth! Alex went to get our hospital bags, because we had left everything in the car and there were things in my bag I wanted for labor. While he was gone, Whitney held me hand during the contractions and talked to me in between the pain. I was squeezing her hand during one contraction and we both heard what sounded like a balloon pop and I felt myself get wet all over. We both laughed and laughed because it was SO LOUD! I didn't know that water breaking was that dramatic. ;) Haha!!! 

I realized that I couldn't feel much on my right side, but could still feel contractions on my left. I told my nurse and she had me lay on my left side for about 5 minutes so that the epidural could work it's way over to that side as well. I told her that I felt like I maybe needed to push, so she checked me and just said "oh...oh yeah. Okay! Okay! Well...let me call your doctor!" She left the room to call the doctor and Whitney asked " are you dilated to a 10 then? Are you 100% effaced? Are you ready?" We all laughed because the nurse didn't even say, just kept saying "Oh...oh yeah. Okay then!" When she came back in, Whitney asked her and she told us that "definitely yes, I am dilated, effaced, the baby is down in the birth canal and he is ready! We just needed to wait for the doctor to come in so I could push. This was about 2:50AM. 

We waited about 15 minutes and I felt like I was ready to push, but didn't feel like I HAD to right then. The nurse told me that the baby was fine and that actually the longer he sits in the birth canal, the less I will tear. Of course I was all about that, so I was fine waiting for a little bit. The doctor got there 15-20 minutes later, got her gear on and we were ready. Whitney was holding one leg and Alex was holding the other. I could feel exactly when I needed to push and was able to do so on my own - which I was thrilled about, because that's one of the things that makes me the most hesitant about epidurals. As I was pushing the doctor kept telling me to slow down because I was pushing too hard and fast....not exactly sure how you slow down when pushing in labor....ha, but I tried. As he was coming out, Whitney, Alex & the nurses kept telling me how much hair he had. I was thrilled! I loved Logan's full head of black hair and was really hoping this baby would have it too! In between contractions they had me touch down there and feel his full head of hair. <3 One more contraction and a few more pushes later and he was out! I pushed for 2 contractions (about 3 pushes each contraction) and it was 7 minutes total. 

Finally our sweet little boy made his arrival at 3:27AM! They immediately put him on me and I got to snuggle and kiss my sweet new baby. I delivered the placenta and then they took him to get weighed and such. He was 7 lbs. 8 oz & 20.25" long. Alex was taking pictures and over with the baby, while Whitney stayed at my side while the doctor stitched me up. After about a half hour, I told Whitney she could go over by Alex to meet the baby because it seemed like I was going to be awhile. The doctor laughed and agreed. About 50 minutes later, I was finally all stitched up and ready to go! She said that I got barley a 2nd degree tear and that it wasn't even close to my rectum (this was a huge relief, because I tore all the way down there with Logan and the doctor told me that if I was to tear like that again, that I would have permanent damage to my rectum and basically not be able to hold in when I need to go to the bathroom. :| So, as you can imagine, it was a huge relief!) She said the only bad thing is that with how "hard" I was pushing, I tore myself all up on the inside. I tore on my right side (inside) with Logan, so she said it was really bad on the right side because it was just scar tissue that tore again Then I also tore on the left and diagonal. So basically...everywhere inside. :| Ouch! 

We got moved into the postpartum ward and spent the day eating, sleeping, snuggling, having Logan meet his new little brother and of course having countless nurses and such come into the room almost constantly. That night, Alex went home to be with Logan and Jeremy and I hardly slept because the nurses always seemed to be coming in to push on my stomach or get our vitals. It was hard to be alone and I was thrilled to leave the hospital the next day.

This entire recovery has been soooo much easier than with Logan. My whole right side was pretty swollen for about a week, but went down and has been fine! Jeremy has been a great nurser, sleeps pretty well at night and has such a sweet, calm personality. He is such a great baby and we feel so blessed to finally have him here and apart of our family! We love him so much!! 

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